Mini Love Dots Necklace

Mini Love Dots Necklace
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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Necklace as shown (5 petite round fingerprint charms). We take a section of a fingerprint (or large toe print for babies) to make a 1 centimeter in diameter tiny charm. Includes a 3 letter inscription on back of each charm, i.e., initials. We engrave initials in CAPS. Comes with an antiqued lite link chain. Although young children's prints generally turn out well with this design, if you have children that are younger than age 1, we recommend purchasing fingerprint charms/designs that show the whole print or have a smooth silver border around the print (Little Love Charmer Plus or larger) for better results. 

  • We included an image with 3 charms for effect. To order this necklace with fewer charms, order the individual charms here plus this chain.
  • Upon ordering this item, we will mail you an easy kit to take the impression. Use within 1 month. 
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Price $450.00