Mini Loves Necklace

Tina Steinberg Designs | Unordinary Personalized Jewelry | Temecula, California
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$270 standard with three charms (heart, square and circle).

$345 with fourth diamond charm (click second thumbnail image under main image to see).

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Necklace as shown in main image (one heart, one square, one circle). We take a section of a fingerprint (or large toe print for babies) to make a 1 centimeter in diameter tiny charm. Includes a 3 letter inscription on back of each charm, i.e., initials. We engrave initials in CAPS. Comes with an 18 inch sterling silver Lite ball chain. Although young children's prints generally turn out well with this design, we recommend purchasing fingerprint charms/designs that show the whole print or have a smooth silver border around the print (Little Love Charmer Plus or larger) for better results. 

  • Add extra diamond charm below OR if you're ordering the standard necklace and want to switch any of the shapes just ask and we'll let you know how to specify this.
  • Purchasing implies that you have read our customer service page and understand that there are no returns nor exchanges for this custom item. 
  • Upon ordering this item, we will mail you an easy kit to take the impression. Use within 1 month. 
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Price $270.00